May 25th, 2016

Run for Your Life Ch:1

Rating: R
Pairing: John/Paul (mainly, maybe Ringo/George later)
Summary: 1964, The Beatles are set to perform their third night of their Christmas show in London. But when a deadly new rabies virus starts to spread around to different countries, the four realize they're in more trouble than they thought. Especially since anyone infected with said virus was reported to be violent and blood thirsty. Will the boys be able to come together and survive this outbreak?

A/N: So I decided to repost my fanfic from ao3 on LJ to see if any new people would be interested! Basically drew inspiration from Pandemic and a rp I was in about The Beatles in an apocalypse. Feedback is appreciated!

28 December 1964
Things couldn’t have been better for the beloved, well-known Beatles. Thanks to the success of their latest film, A Hard Day’s Night and touring outside of the U.K., Beatlemania has grown with each passing day. Just that day, the boys were set to continue with their Christmas show at the Odeon Theatres in London for the third night.

However, not everything was as well in the rest of the world. A strange case of rabies has broken out in France, spreading to Germany, Italy, Poland and Ireland. Thousands were reported to be infected with the virus and sources said that riots had broke out all over due to the hysteria. Though this didn’t stop The Beatles from performing, even if they were filled with just as much anxiety about it.

The four sat next to each other, right across from Brian, Neil and Mal, in the limousine that was transporting them to their next show. Paul leaned over to look past Ringo to John and George, who was quietly looking outside the window. His big, hazel eyes were wide and showed how worried he was.

“Do you think it’ll come here?” He asked the three next to him. Ringo shrugged, John scoffed and George simply didn’t answer.

“Paul, it’s just rabies. Rabies have been around forever, son.” John answered. “The media just wants to blow it up ‘cause they’ve got nothing better to do.” Paul shook his head, unable to believe that so many would just make this up for attention.

“I dunno, they say this rabies virus is different.”

“How’s it any different? You foam at the mouth and act like a loon. Seems about right to me.” Paul knew there was no budging John and decided to shift his attention to George. He noticed how unresponsive George had been this entire ride, and could easily tell he was thinking about Pattie. How could he not, though? With this whole pandemic going on, George had to be worried sick about her.

“You think it’s airborne?” Ringo piped up. Paul instantly sat up and looked to Ringo.

“It’s probably spread through saliva, you know?”

“Or spunk.” John joked.

“Are you trying to say that this is some new STD?” Ringo chuckled, grateful that John lightened the mood the slightest bit. John shrugged his shoulders.

“Well it did come from France. Poor Pierre must’ve fucked the wrong frog.” Both Paul and Ringo let out a small laugh, George once again gave no response. Beginning to feel concern towards his friend, Ringo turned to George, asking if he was feeling okay. George ignored him, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. Ringo stared at John, unsure about what to do. John slapped a hand on George's shoulder, startling him.

“You alive, Geo?” Annoyed, George swatted his hand away.

“Sod off, Lennon.” he growled.

“George-” Paul started but was immediately cut off by John.

“Don't be hard on him, Macca. Poor Georgie's havin’ a hard enough time dealing with his time of the month.” John said with a smirk that George would have loved to wipe off his face. “Ain't that right?” George turned back to the window as Paul shot John a deathly glare. John gave a look right back, as he was starting to become sick of how his mates were getting. “What's the matter with you lot? One stupid bug goes around and suddenly no one can take a joke.” The way John was acting started to wear on Paul's nerves. There was already enough panic in the air from this, but then John had to add on to the tension by acting like a prick. However, he knew that it was just an act, that John was just as scared but didn't dare show it.

“People have died, John. They said about two-thousand in France alone were reported to be infected. So maybe you ought to take this a bit more seriously instead of like a big joke.” Paul scolded.

“Paul's got a point.” Ringo chimed in. John had to wonder why everyone always seemed to gang up against him. John childishly crossed his arms and huffed.

“Why should I? No one else in this whole bloody country seems to care.” he retorted.

“You know that's not true.”

“It's not? Well Paul, tell me why I haven't heard about any British broadcasters talking about it? I mean, I didn't hear that Denning bloke mention it when he made us do that stupid Beatles on Radio Luxembourg show!” Paul wanted to shoot something back at John, but it was then that Brian interjected to break it up.

“That's quite enough, boys. You've got another show tonight and the last thing we need is for you to have this nonsense on your mind.” Mal and Neil nodded their heads to what Brian was saying.

“Brian's right.” Neil said. “Besides, this bug, virus, whatever has yet to reach England.” Brian agreed, but Paul wasn't satisfied with this. He figured that just because there was no word of the virus being here, didn't mean there wasn't a chance of it suddenly breaking out. If it were to break out, they would be trapped in London of all places, and that brought absolute fear into Paul.

“But Brian, aren't you the least bit worried about this?” Brian shook his head, once again reassuring all of them that it would be alright and that nothing would happen to them on his watch. Paul was about to say something else, but kept quiet when he felt the vehicle stop.

“Alright, boys c'mon. “ Brian urged them out of the limousine. “We've got to stay on schedule, there's only thirty minutes until the show. So get in, make sure you're all ready and absolutely no virus talk.” John had to shake an irritated George back to attention so that he would get out of the door on his side. George reluctantly stepped out, looking off into the distance. Mal tugged lightly on George's arm, telling him he needed to get moving. After a moment, George finally gave Mal a small nod and followed the others who had already rushed inside before a crowd of fans caught them.

Making their way to their dressing room, they tried their hardest to rid any thoughts of the virus from their minds. But somehow the thought stayed at the back of their head the entire time they prepared. Still, they all straightened their ties, combed their hair and made sure they looked their absolute best; just as Brian would request of them. Brian alerted the boys that there was about five minutes until showtime and that Mal already set everything up for them. John, George and Ringo exited the dressing room, leaving only Paul and Brian in the room. Paul stood in place for a moment before speaking up.

"Brian, are you sure this is a good idea?" Brian knew that he was referring to the virus again. He placed a hand on the bassist's shoulder, giving him a smile.

"I promise nothing will happen, Paul. Mal and Neil will on the lookout and they certainly won't let anything happen either. So please, leave the worrying to me." Giving in, Paul went to catch up with his bandmates.