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30 October 2005 @ 11:51 pm
Tricks and Treats.  

Title: Tricks and Treats
Pairing: George/Paul
Rating: NC-17 for dirty Boys <3
Disclaimer: This probably never happened. Meaning its fiction. :D
Summary: Paul and George find themselves a room during a costume Party hosted by John for a little Halloween Fun. Obligatory holiday smut, basically.
Word Count: 2169

“You do make a rather good cat, you know, Paul.”

“Well, you make a rather good… eh… What was it, again?”


“Right, Cupid. I thought you might’ve been Julius Caesar with wings.”

George rolled his eyes and tilted his glass, making the ice in it clink. He was reclined in a rather plush love seat, sitting uncomfortably with Paul next to him as they watched the unfamiliar crowd gather around John, who was standing on a table, Piss-drunk and laughing about something inane. George sighed and leaned to the right, looking over at Paul who was trying to scratch his nose through the large, furry paws that he wore. George grinned as he watched the other man scrunch up his nose and make an annoyed sound. He always thought that Paul was adorable when he scrunched his nose up.

They sat there in bored silence for a while, and George was just about to suggest to Paul that they make a quick exit, when a rather buxom blonde woman walked up to the two of them. She was dressed as a cat as well, but far more provocative. Fishnet stockings, a black corset, bowtie and collar and cuffs along with stiletto high-heels. The room was dark and the two men couldn’t make out her facial features, but she was quite leggy and she had some lovely curves. She placed a hand on her hip, and leaned to the left, looking at Paul. She couldn’t tell who he was, mostly because of the lack of light, and she spoke to him.

“So, who might you be?” She chided, in a rather high-pitched tone, above the noise of the crowd, an obvious bounce in her voice.

“Curiosity killed the cat, as they say.” He replied, coolly.

“You’re a cat as well, you know.”

“True,” He remarked. “But I’m not the one asking questions.”

And with that, she was blown off. The buxom cat had shrugged and walked away, defeated in her advances. George grinned at Paul and he grinned back. Paul took one of his paws off and laced his fingers with George’s, then pulled him up off of the love seat.

“Follow me, Cupid.”

George did as he was told, wondering what Paul had in store for him. Paul weaved the two of them through the crowd, looking up for a brief moment, seeing both a Devilish John and a Cowboy Ringo on the table together, belting out some unintelligible lyrics. He rolled his eyes and continued on, pulling George with him. They reached the stairwell, and make a stealthy exit from the crowd below. Once they were at the top corridor and out of sight from the public, Paul leaned George against the wall.

Paul grinned, shaking his other paw off, then placing his hands on George’s hips. He let his forehead rest against George’s and then leaned to the side to kiss his neck. They younger man craned his head to the right a bit, allowing for better access. He gasped just slightly when Paul let his tongue trail over his collarbone, leaving him feeling weak. Paul kissed the crook of George’s neck, then let his hands move past the younger man’s waist, settling on his bum. Paul gave a light squeeze, and George moved up closer to him.

“I think we’d best find somewhere a little more private to do this…” George suggested.

“Mm. But I don’t want to stop.”

“Paul, a-ah…c’mon, we’re in a corridor. P-please, ohh…Someone could come up…Ahh…stairs.”

“…Don’t care.”

“P-Paul! Please? Ohh, god.. S-stop, let’s go in here…”

George managed to pry himself out of the grip that Paul had on him, and led him by the hand into an un-occupied bedroom. Paul closed the door with his foot, and fumbled with the lock, trying to get it to stay closed. When he succeeded, he nearly pushed George onto the bed, leaning over him with a lecherous grin. George looked up at the now extremely cat-like Paul and reached forward, taking the cat-ear headband off of him. He tossed it aside carelessly and then ran his fingers through Paul’s hair, reveling in how unbelievably soft it was. Like silk, almost. Paul let out a low moan, and dove back down again, trailing kisses across George’s collarbone.

Paul briefly broke the contact with the younger man and fumbled with the knot in the toga that George wore, trying to undo it, but to no avail. He huffed, and George decided to lend him a little help, pulling the white sheet over his head , tossing it onto the floor. Paul grinned again, and ran his hands over George’s now exposed chest. His touch was light and gentle, almost unsure, but George knew better. He knew Paul was teasing.

“Cor, Paul! Stop messing around. You’re - A-ah.. Oh, god…”

Paul had once again pushed his mouth gently onto George’s chest, exploring and sucking, licking at the warm flesh, leaving it slightly cooled where his tongue had been. George bit his lip and let out a quiet whimper, urging Paul on. Paul obliged, moving lower on the younger man’s willing body, pulling moans and whines from his lips as he went. George drew in a breath as Paul reached his lower stomach, shivering at the sensations that the light kisses were producing. He was definitely hard, now, and he was getting frustrated with Paul, who was apparently taking his dear sweet time to give him what he wanted.

He rolled his hips a little, trying to point out to Paul that he didn’t exactly want to come in his trousers. Paul laughed slightly, and settled his hands on George’s thighs.

“Patience, luv. You’ll get what you want. Just try to relax.”

Paul looked up at him with his dark, hazel eyes. The dim lighting in the room made him seem irresistibly sexy, which he was, but the situation intensified it. George wanted him, he wanted to feel his hands touching him where he needed it the most. He begged Paul silently with his eyes, but got no response. Paul simply ignored the pleas, and nuzzled the soft skin of George’s stomach, right above his waistline. George gave a long, almost whispered moan, and put a hand on top of Paul’s head. Paul’s eyes flashed up, a fire in them. He grinned devilishly at the younger man, seeing that George had caught on to what he was planning. And with that, he hesitated no longer.

He unbuttoned George’s jeans, pulling the zipper down as well. The dark denim material was pulled off of him with a little effort and pooled on the floor around his ankles. Paul rubbed his palm over George’s erection through the soft fabric of his underwear, sending waves of aching pleasure through the guitarist. George arched his back and curled his toes, letting out a low, breathy whine. Paul smirked at this, and moved upwards a little, placing both hands on George’s thighs. He took the waistband of George’s underwear between his teeth and pulled them down slowly, all while giving the younger man the most sultry look he could possibly make.

George let out a gasp as Paul seized his cock, and immediately took it into his mouth, licking the head softly, sucking on it with a painful slowness. He rubbed his tongue on the tip in slow, leisurely circles, pulling short, rather high-pitched noises from George. He let this continue on for close to thirty seconds, and then stopped, and stood up, leaving George rosy-cheeked and stunned.

“…The hell, Paul! That’s.. it’s torture!” Instinctively, he grasped his throbbing cock and began stroking it slowly, wanting to prolongue the pleasure. Paul stood before him, arms crossed, smirking.

“I don’t know, this is sort of nice, watching you like this. You’re quite delicious.”

George made a noise of disapproval as he released himself, questioning Paul.

“So, what, then? Just trick me like that?”

“No, luv. You’re going to get a treat, don’t worry. Now, lie down.”

George gave him a wary look, and then did as he was told, lying on his back. Paul “Tsk-tsk’d” and corrected him.

“I meant on your stomach, Georgie.” He said as he helped flip the other man over. George then lay on his stomach, watching Paul strip out of his cat costume. He removed his boots, then the rather tight black pants, along with the black, fitted tee shirt, leaving him only in his underwear. He looked down for a brief moment, and then picked up his trousers, pulling something out of his pocket, and removing the cloth tail from them. Paul then made his way over to the bed, and sat on the side of it, grinning.

“George, close your eyes, luv.”


“Go on.”

George did as he was told, and shut his eyes. Immediately after, he felt the cloth tail cover his eyes, making him completely blind. He was startled at first, and protested.

“Paul! What’re you on about?”

“You’ll see, just calm down.”

George tried to figure out what he meant, but to no avail. He lay there, blindfolded, randy, and very confused. He somehow felt he shouldn’t be confused, though, and he couldn’t put his finger on why. Moments later, he felt hands around his hips, pulling him up into a downward-kneeling position. He had only a brief moment to consider the reasoning behind this, as soon after, he felt a finger enter him. George cried out with surprise, but didn’t squirm or move. He was enjoying this. He wanted it.

“That’s it, Georgie, luv. Just relax a bit more.”

George tried to relax, and in doing so, felt a second finger enter him, preparing him. Paul leaned forward onto his back and with his left hand, he took George’s neglected cock and began a slow rhythm.

“A-Aah! F..fucking-A, Paul, that’s..g-good.. Aahhm, oh, g-god..”

He pushed against Paul’s fingers, then gritted his teeth as Paul hit something inside him that made him want to scream. He thrust into the spot furiously, wanting more of the intense sensation, crying out just barely so Paul could hear him. When Paul heard the soft, pleading whines and the hard, breathy moans, he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his cock, pushing in very slowly, very gently. George then pulled the blindfold off of his face and turned his head to try and see Paul.

Paul was beautiful. His cheeks were tinted with the loveliest shade of vermilion, and his mouth hung open just a bit, his eyes closed tightly, brows knitted. His hands gripped George’s thighs, and he managed to open his eyes slightly to look over at George, who was biting his lower lip.

“Fuck, George..This… it’s so… Oh, fuck, you’re so tight…”

George turned around, and rested his head on the pillow in front of him. He whimpered Paul’s name, and pushed onto him, wanting more. Needing more. Paul obliged, and there was a silent understanding between the two of them that Paul could go as fast and as hard as he wanted, as they both needed release, and badly. Paul ran one hand up George’s spine as the other one paid attention to his cock. He started a steady rhythm and moaned deeply.

“G-George, Oh, God. You’re so good…Fucking hell, you’re good.. A-ahnn, y-yeah..

George let out a whimper and a moan as he gripped the sheets beneath him, eyes closed tightly. With each thrust, Paul hit his prostate, and he wondered how in the hell he managed it. He didn’t mind or care he just wondered. He was getting frustrated with Paul’s slow, teasing pace, and decided to urge him on directly.

“Will you - Ohh, f-ff..Ah, Will you Fuck me already, Macca? Just Fuck me!”

Paul blinked at George’s rather direct approach, but did not complain. He began to push harder, thrusting deeper, making a strong and steady pattern. George was starting to get louder and more vocal, and Paul loved it. He grabbed George’s hips roughly, and began pounding into him, not stopping, not hearing anything but his own heartbeat and George’s deliciously loud moaning. He was moments away from coming, and he heard George cry out, he heard George tell him that he was already there. He felt the warm, wet substance in his palm. He pushed in once, twice, and again, then hunched over, emptying himself into the younger man beneath him.

He lay next to George, panting and exasperated, and completely fulfilled. George was breathing heavily as well, tired, but happy. Paul leaned over George’s shoulder and hooked his arm underneath George’s.

“…So… I suppose… you really are Cupid.”


“You’ve made me fall in love with you all over again.”

George laughed slightly as Paul leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.

“If this is what’s going to happen when I dress up as Cupid, I should go around like him more often.”

“Mm. I agree.”

“Well, that settles it then.”


“I’m going as Cupid again, next year.”



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cant_buymeluv on October 31st, 2005 06:06 am (UTC)
Darn you. I was just about to go to bed, but now I'm too hot and bothered. LoL. It was excellent!! :)
Arielle: George // _starletdreamsaylaranzz on October 31st, 2005 06:21 am (UTC)
That was hot! I'd like to see George dressed as Cupid. ;)
the heart collector: Fab Foursummersiren on October 31st, 2005 07:40 am (UTC)
That was damn hot!
Very sexy and brillant all together.
the_scouserthe_scouser on October 31st, 2005 04:31 pm (UTC)

I was going to make a rather tastleless joke about how this is the first BeatlesSlash I've read that did involve a...ahhh......*insert less appropriate word for Kitty*

Oh, how I love George and Paul. Especially Dominant!Paul

Well done.
Katiebonshaybon on November 1st, 2005 04:33 am (UTC)
I really DID try to not laugh at that.

I didn't succeed.

You're hilarious!
mrsfjl66mrsfjl66 on November 1st, 2005 02:12 am (UTC)
george getting paul action...well deserved and yummy! I am a cat this year for halloween--do I get some geo?;)