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15 September 2006 @ 11:47 pm
I Need to Stop Writing Or My Fingers Will Fall Off  

Well, I've been going over it in my mind all week and now you get to read the fruit of my...well its not really labor. Heh anyroad...
Title: Good Boy
Pairing: P/G
Rating: NC-17 I guess
Disclaimer: I don't know the Beatles. >.< I made this up because I'm a sick individual. There. Ya happy? :P
Author's Notes: This is a tad fluffier than the last fic. Unfortunately, no one gets spanked in this one ;)

George couldn't concentrate that day. He'd be playing something and his mind would wander a tiny bit and his knees would knock together at the thought of later that night. He didn't know why he was playing along. The thought sickened as well as made his stomach flip. But eventually curiousity won out and he found himself driving to Paul's house. Plus, he thought rationally, what could it hurt?

The house was dark when he got there but the door was unlocked so he pushed it open and poked his head in. A pleasant smell came wafting in and George followed it to the kitchen. A plate of freshly baked cookies was sitting invitingly on the counter. He reached a hand to grab a particularly large one but he stopped. Wait, this is some kind of trap. He's probably laced it with some kind of date rape drug, he thought. Oh, but they look so good! Finally, he thought 'Sod it' and took one and took huge bites out of it. Underneath the cookies was a slip of paper. George moved the cookies to read it.

          For Georgie

George grimaced. Thats...creepy. But cute....but mostly creepy. George whipped around, expecting to find Paul hovering over him, ready to have his way with him. But he wasn't there. Anticipation mounted in his stomach along with the half-eaten chocolate-chip cookie. Cautiously, George wandered around Paul's empty house. Remembering in the back of his mind where Paul was last time when he told the story that day, he checked the den, but it was empty. Tramping up the stairs, he eased the door open to Paul's bedroom. That was empty, too. The bed was all neatly made up with clean sheets and there was a certain air, like the room KNEW about the sex George was predestined to have there. He circled around to the bed and sat on the far side, bouncing a little. Hey, that's kinda fun. He bounced again. The mattress squeaked slightly. Not really caring anymore, George hopped up and down, trying to make the mattress squeak louder and louder and giggling giddily. He didn't hear Paul approach the doorframe. Paul hadn't expected George to come so soon, so he took a shower in the meantime. He didn't want to spoil George's fun so soon. It was just too cute.

Paul coughed loudly and chuckled a bit at how fast George whipped around and blushed redder than a strawberry. His eyes didn't want to see what it was seeing but they were set on auto-pilot. Paul's hair was tousled in damp clumps and his skin was wet and shiny. His bit of modesty was a towel wrapped loosely around his waist that looked at risk of crumpling to the floor any second. George blushed even more at the thought.

     "Heh, I didn't know you came in," Paul said, smiling a little to put George at ease. But it didn't work.

    "Uh....how long have..you been..s-standing there?" He stammered.

     "Er, not very long," Paul said with a shrug. George's anxiety set back in and turned away from Paul, clutching at the duvet cover and looking down at the floor. I can't do it! I just can't! Paul let out a sympathetic sigh and went to his dresser.

     "Y'know, George...if you didn't want to do this, all you had to do was say...," Paul said to the back of George's head while lotioning his legs and arms. "I'm not pressuring you to anything you don't feel comfortable doing...I mean I could always-"

      "No," George said suddenly, suprising even himself. "I-I want to." He still didn't look Paul in the eye. Paul tilted his head but smiled. George heard Paul coming towards the bed and the mattress depress under his weight and Paul settle down behind him slightly with his nude leg brushing his clothed one.

       "Oh, I forgot!" Paul crawled over to the nightstand and put on the black-rimmed glasses. "Now, then...what to do about little Georgie..." he purred as he went back to George sitting primly on the edge of the bed.

       "A-are you going to...punish me?" George squeaked. Shit, I must sound like such a pussy to him. Paul chuckled and snaked his around over the younger man's shoulder.
       "Nooo, baby...," he ghosted against George's neck, his fingers trailing down to his buttons, "Bad boys get punished-" pop "-but you've been very-" pop "-very-" pop "-very-" pop "-good" The shirt fell open and was shrugged off George's thin shoulders. George shivered reflexively.

        "Oh? Is Georgie cold? Mmm...here, let me warm you up..." Paul's hands moved up and down George's torso, feeling the body heat flare up. They wandered lower to the waistband of his jeans. George tensed up.

        "No?" Instead, George stood up and kicked off his pants and gazed back at Paul lustily. He returned his gaze and patted at a spot on the bed besides him. George climbed on and Paul took George's face in his hands and kissed him slow and lovingly while stroking his cheek.

         "Mmm, Daddy..." George murmurred. When he realized what he'd said he flushed.

         "Heh, now who's the sick fuck?" They laid side by side and kissed, their legs intertwined and rubbing together like crickets. Paul's legs found their way around George's waist and they grinded against each other but still keeping the slow and steady pace. Eventually they climaxed and covered themselves in their hot, sticky desire and collapsing in a warm sweaty tangle.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
     "huff...hufff...God Paul....huh..that was so good..."

     "....Considering what a sick fuck I am."

     "I didn't really mean that. I-I didn't know-"

     "Ah, it's alright George. Mmmph, I might have to take another shower."

     "....Mind if I join you?"

    "Heh, sure. I'll make sure to scrub behind ya ears."

      "Uh Paul?"


      "Keep the glasses on."

And with that, I end this fic. I'm not doing any more continuations of this. I'm seriously backed on my new slash. Plus I can't come up with MORE of this. I'm not a bloody machine! Anyway, 'Night. Comments are my crack even though this isn't the BEST thing I've written lately.
-Peace out


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A bit of a gigglepuss: J/Pvoodoochild9 on September 16th, 2006 11:47 pm (UTC)
Gimme! *takes the crack* XP
Why thank you. On this I'll write another fic tonight! *smokes* XDXDXD
gondorbunny: feellovegondorbunny on September 16th, 2006 06:42 pm (UTC)
Hee hee. This one did just fine without any spanking involved. :) Great stuff.