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04 January 2008 @ 09:33 pm
Paul Meets The Walrus  

 This wasn't originally a beatle's fic, but I had used George and Paul's names when writing this so it turned into one lol, and alot of it was inspired by I am The Walrus. Obviously it doesn't  have any real grounding since it has the boys mentioning doing drugs in Hamburg and I have no idea if Germans have any clue at as too what Angel Trumpets are, most people don't, I think it's a Florida thing but I'm not sure. This is pretty demented really, I don't know if anyone will like it, I enjoyed writing it so much though I decided to share it to get a general opinion of it. Comments are Love, and as the John said it best himself, All you need is love lol. Enjoy Beatle people.  (I hope)

Title: Paul Meets The Walrus
Pairing: George and Paul
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This is completely fake.

John George and I had all decided to get together for the evening to get high to unwind from the week of endless interviews and a few television performances and photo shoots we had had to do. Getting high together was always a great way to unwind. John had elected his house as the place to go since his wife and Julian were out of town visiting relatives. Once we had arrived we were all excited to get lit, myself espeascially, I always love getting high. It's amazing how much it does for me.

We got inside John's house and kicked off our shoes and John disapeared to his room to recover his " Fun Box" as he so referred to the dark cherry wooden box which he kept all his drugs in.

“ So, Paul. You  want to try something a little different this time?” John asks as I sit down on the couch and make myself comfortable while George is rummaging around in the fridge finding something to drink.
“What do you mean?” I ask
“Acid." John says simply.
George was standing at the counter now and looking back at me. We were considering it. Weighing the pros and cons silently between us and we both spoke up at the same time.
“Sure.” I say.

“No.” George harps out.
I raised an eyebrow. I stare at George and he looks back at me wide eyed, looking as shocked as I must have looked just puzzled as to how we had read each other wrong. I was willing and ready to try this out and he was holding back on me. And usually he was the one who jumped for things not me.
John looked back and forth between us. “Uhh…well? So Paul yes, George no? That’s fine but it won’t be much fun for you George.” John said grinning and then passing by George on his way to the kitchen he tapped George on the head. George walked over to me and sat down next to me on the couch.
“You really want to try this?” He asked still looked stunned.
“You don’t? Why not? We’ve done everything else haven’t we?
What’s the big deal really?” I asked. I really was puzzled by his attitude.
“Well…I’m just not sure if it’s such a good idea. You never react well to hallucinogens. Remember how sick you got from the trumpets? and the trip you had on the shrooms wasn’t too good either.” George said staring into my eyes so hard I know he was hoping I would get nervous and back out.
I thought back to the angel trumpets. It was soemthing we had tried out that was popular in Germany. It was a little white flower and you could eat it or make a tea out of it, my reaction was...pretty unsatisfactory.  I had spent the night in the back room of some old house we had been staying while we were in Hamburg, the room had been filthy but it had a nice little balcony that we would go out and smoke on.
I had ended up waking up naked buried under the blankets on John’s bed. I had puked in a bucket on the floor next to the bed, and there was my own snot and mucus dried on my face, some was stuck in my hair. I had looked at the wall and seen mashed potatoes coming out of the wall paper and sliding down in piles on the floor. I know at one point I had thought I had been talking to a man on a flaming pie wich I later realized was just John  because he had been telling some insane story he had made up just as I had gone under. We found out later that my body had been trying to shut down and I was clinically dying. Too bad right? Yeah that’s what I thought.
With the shrooms I had just forgotten where I was.
We had been hanging out in this clearing of the woods behind a neighbor's house, there had been a small tree house built there and I had freaked out thinking that something was crawling around under the ground and was going to pop out and eat us. So I climbed the tree house and stayed up there till four in the morning. I accidentally fell out of it.
And I cracked a rib. So since then George has tried to ban me from hallucinogens. But we’ve done the shrooms since those two incidents and I’ve been fine. I think it’s just the first time the drugs bother me a little. George eyed me carefully and then said
“ I just think you should really think about this. Acid is a lot harder than anything else you’ve done. Even the coke wasn’t as a big of a deal as acid is. You really think with your track record you should do this?”
I look to the floor a moment, knowing that if I stare at George I'm liable to change my mind. And I don't want to change my mind. I can be spontaneaous if I want to be.
"Don't be such a little girl Georgie boy. Everything'll be fine." I sad looking back at him and giving him a grin.
"Alright! Boys get ready for the ride of your life. he he he he"John said  shutting all the lights in the house off except a low lamp in the corner. We watched as he then picked up a book and picking up his wooden box he came over and sat next to me on the couch.
"What's with the book?" I ask.
"I thought I'd read some it'll be entertaining while your high." He said smiling and handing me the book and looked at me waiting for my reaction. I read the title and looked at him.

"The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland?" I read the title allowed and my  voice betrayed my uncertainty.

"Don't worry you'll be into it. You'll see whta I'm reading." He said.
John set the wooden box on his lap and ran his fingers over the shiny dark cherry wood, almost reverently before slowly opening it. Inside on a crushed velvet liner lay plastic baggies with the acid strips inside. I know my eyes were slightly big and curious. I snuck a peek at George and saw his face mirrored mine. I tried not to smile or worse laugh.
I was just realizing now how funny the three of us must have looked grown boys sitting close together on a big fluffy couch in the middle of John's living room staring down in a box that contained the evil thing. We must have looked like a couple of kids who had just knicked their dad's dirty mag collection and we're seeing tits for the first time
"Ok we're all gonna take a quarter tab because this stuff is pretty strong and we don't need any freakouts." John finally  said picking up a bag opening it and pulling out the desired amount. He handed each of us a tab saying.

"Just stick it on your tongue and let it melt. Spit the paper out or eat it once all the acid is off." He said handing each of us a tiny trip of paper that just fit on the tip of your finger.
Seemed easy enough. So we did. I looked at George and he still seemed nervous but now he was a little excited too. So I got a little more excited and I looked at John he really looked really excited. But then...John is always excited when it comes to drugs. We each take our prescribed hits from Dr. John and wait for it to kick in

Ten minutes later and there’s the fade in and they’re dancing and singing and oh hell yeah we’re gonna paint ‘em red. I hear birds somewhere in the background. They are cooing and cawing so I guess it’s a flock of doves and black birds, and suddenly I can’t remember if I’m scared of birds or not. The way their wings flap and make that rushing noise as the air spinning off from their wings falls over your face and their claws come for you as they fly in towards your head.
“Whoo ARE youuu?” Says the caterpillar. Yeah he is ANNOYING I mean she already told him she’s Alice and he just refuses to be at all
atommodating. Why can’t he just stop speaking in circles. The smoke rings from his pipe are floating over my head and I cough along with little girl Alice. His millions of feet are crawling all over the screen and I can hear the little patter noises they are making and it is hilarious. I’m laughing uncontrollably and somewhere in the distance I hear George asking me if I’m ok. I just nod because I can’t stop laughing. We leave the bastard caterpillar and folow Tweedle Dee and Dum down to the beach where I almost drown.

Ashooolllesssss! Fucking Assholes! They did try and drown me. They’re doing this because they think it's funny. I know George and John
 dumped water all over me when the flooding scene came up but it’s not a big deal it…it was actually sort of nice. Cooled me down.
So there’s the Walrus. And the Carpenter. Where is the Eggman? Who was the Eggman again? I don’t think it was in the memo. So I start to look for the memo, but George has it and he won’t give it to me. George looks awfully tall….I must be laying down. I think. And how I think.
The walrus is really an asshole too. He ate all those little kid clammys. Poor freaking clams. But then who would eat clams? Clams are sick. Wait claaaaam CHOWDER! That stuff is great. I totally get socialistic government now. I’m such a socialist. Yeahhhhhhh. Wait the beach…the oysters…or clams? Were they clams then? I wander off to a new area. And it’s getting slowly darker. All the words floating around my head are disappearing.   
And then…..
The walrus is gone. So are the oysters. The beach is gone. Everything is fading away. George is gone, John's voice has stopped.
I can’t hear anything now and it’s quiet. It’s getting darker too and I like that. I’m starting to fall asleep. Peaceful, sweet. That’s when I hear it, it’s almost a scratching noise, like paper being roughly rubbed together. It slowly builds. It’s getting louder by the second.
Then I can feel it. Whatever it is it’s crawling all over me. It’s itchy. I absent mindedly try to rub it away but whatever it is, it’s covering my hands too. Something is moving through my hair. I can feel it all over and now the scratching noise is deafening. I’m starting to panic, my breathing is heavy and it’s coming in noisy gasps.
Something crawls over my face and I shut my mouth my breathing coming in short blasts through my nose. I want to scream so badly.
This is terrifying and now the dark is moving it’s moving cloud over me and I realize I’m naked. I can’t get up. I can’t move. I’m weighted down and I want to scream oh my God how I want to scream but if I scream they’ll crawl into my mouth. What will crawl into my mouth? I ask myself. You want to see? No! No I don’t want to see! Please don’t show me!
A light 40 feet above me turns on it’s blindingly bright. I am covered in them. The grasshoppers will eat your eyes voice whispers.
"They’re really hungry Paul." And I believe that voice, the grasshoppers are biting me. Every inch of me. I’m screaming. I can smell them. They smell like dirt and mold but dry mold. There’s nothing wet about this. I’m suffocating and my mind is screaming, just screaming at the top of it’s voice to just get up, just get out!
But that’s impossible because I’m in a forty foot deep vat and I’m covered in grasshoppers and more are flying above me.
I’m beyond panic, I’m crying and I can’t open my mouth my whole body is shaking I can feel the grasshoppers forcing their way under my skin. They are crawling under my skin, on top of my skin, and they are flying above me. I can see my skin stretching on my hands and arms with the shapes of the grasshoppers crawling around in them and I just cry and my mind screams and screams till it’s almost as loud as the sound of the grasshoppers. Then I realize I am choking and the grasshoppers have made it to my throat, they’ve filled my lungs and they keep moving up.
I can feel their antennas and their legs tickling my throat…they want me to open my mouth. They are trying to get inside my head so they can kill my soul! I’m thrashing about, and I’m even more terrified once I realize…I’m not making my body move the grasshoppers are doing it. And then I hear the real me, the me that lives in my head. MY MIND. The screams are getting less and less loud, I realize it’s shrinking it’s getting smaller. They are killing it! They are killing me!
I can’t do anything. I can’t move on my own, but my body is moving. It’s convulsing, it seems like it’s doing it on it's own but it’s really the grasshoppers. The voice is getting smaller. I feel like I’m getting smaller, and that’s when I feel them on my tongue. I they are filling up my mouth and I can’t breathe at all my lungs are full of them. And the fluttering feeling I’ve got in my stomach makes me think of eggs hatching. The Grasshoppers start chirping, they are chirping a song away in my head where they have finally reached and filled the final corners of my mind and I’m gone.
I fly out of my body just in time to see the grasshoppers pouring out of my mouth and stretching my nostrils with their exit. Blood is pouring out of my eyes. Finally I can scream and hear my voice filling the room and drowning out the noise of the grasshoppers. Far away I hear a sweet voice a girl is calling me Alice and telling me to wake up. I struggle but I start to wake up.
I still have my body. I am not in a vat forty feet deep by six foot wide. I am sweating. I am burning up. And someone is cradling my head and softly crying. Alice has woken up and is telling her story of her trip down the rabbit hole. The person crying and holding me is George. And I am so happy to see him. He saved me. He didn’t let the grasshoppers kill me. George always saves me. And now I try to tell him that….but I’ve forgotten how to speak. I cry instead, because now it feels good to cry with him. Because I’m safe, and he is safe, and we are both together. I am he as he is me and we are both together. And so I cry, and then I sleep.


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Jengrade4 on January 6th, 2008 07:23 am (UTC)
That was the most entertaining thing I've read in a really long time! Bravo!
Johnny Angelblut_kruez on January 6th, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Wow...
So glad You enjoyed it ^_^