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23 March 2009 @ 04:15 pm
Beatlesslash Prompt Claims  
Woo! Okay folks, I've compiled all the prompts as best as I could. I didn't change any of them, so some may be listed as John/Paul and some as Paul/John, or whatever. I did try to clump them all together by pairing. All the Beatle/Beatle pairings are listed first, and labeled into sections. I gave Brian, Pete and Stu their own sections, the Femmeslash its own section, Slash with Beatle/non-Beatle its own section, and all the Threesomes+ its own section. So definitely be sure to check out the additional sections. In some cases, pairings were hard to place (does Brian/Pete go in the Brian section or the Pete section?) I tried to put notes into sections that might have pairings of interest in other sections. Some prompts had two separate pairings, and I tried to place those where they made the most sense to me. Still, I strongly recommend reading/skimming all the sections so you don't miss something you might otherwise like, especially the "Any Pairing" section.

I am not perfect, so things may be misplaced or not grouped properly, and I apologize for that. This turned out to be fifteen pages long, so it was a lot of work to check out.

Rules for claiming and posting requirements can be found here. The short of it is you can claim one prompt at a time. Fics must be at least 500 words. You can post any time. You can claim a second prompt after you post your first fic, etc. All fics are due by July 11th, 2009, but you can post any time before then. You do not have to have given a prompt to claim a prompt.

Prompts can be claimed twice. I will cross out the prompt if it is claimed twice. To claim, please copy and paste the entire prompt in your comment with something like, "I claim this prompt."

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

And thanks to everyone who submitted prompts!



Paul/John - "Can't find the strength to put you in my past/ Still stuck on you." (Lyrics from 'Stuck on You' by Jim Byrnes)

John/Paul: "I'm so tired."

John/ Paul- must include singing along to an opera

John Lennon/Paul McCartney - A cure for everything, a cure for nothing at all.

John Lennon/Paul McCartney: "John Winston Lennon, I'm disappointed in you."

John Lennon/Paul McCartney: "You're sure you don't care?"

John/Paul - Sh'naggle. Make what you will of it -shrug- :\ Claimed by eppic.

John/Paul - Puppies

John/Paul - "Worse than a two year old..."

John/Paul - "We can go to the old folks home together, and race in our wheelchairs and speak gibberish at each other!" Claimed by super_six_one.

John/Paul - "I miss me mum."

John/Paul - Why they don't work sexually/romantically. Claimed by quazonic

Paul McCartney / John Lennon. Inspiration

John Lennon / Paul McCartney. ownership? Sub/dom? Claimed by kimtristh.

John Lennon / Paul McCartney. kink . bite/ spank / tie down

John/Paul: Based on lyrics to "Whisper" by Evanescence


George Harrison/John Lennon - Acid has changed their relationship more than they could've expected.

George Harrison/John Lennon - George doesn't want to lie to Cynthia, but when she corners him, is telling the truth even an option?

George Harrison/John Lennon - When George blurts out to John that he likes him that way, John reacts badly.

George Harrison/John Lennon - George doesn't think John has a right to be jealous, but that doesn't change the fact that he is.

John/George - "You're only doing this because you're John fucking Lennon and you know you can get away with it." - "So?" Claimed by simplebeatles.

George/John - In the middle of negotiations you break down and cry.

John/George. "I'm going to break you in like a pair of jeans."

John/ George: "You're the darkest little horse I ever knew."

John Lennon/George Harrison: "At least I don't say everything I think."

John Lennon/George Harrison: One night in heaven

John/George - a dare gone too far

John/George - hot Hamburg night

John/George - Enlightenment at Rishikesh

John/George - There's a story that John and George once spent eight hours on a boat doing the "Om." Is that all they did?

John/George - after Stu's death.

John/George - John doesn't want to admit it (he's not queer after all!), but sometimes the things George does with his mouth or hands drives him utterly mad. One day, he can help himself and he finds out George has been doing it on purpose all along. Claimed by simplebeatles

John/George - Paul's crazy to set up the MMT movie and John and George want as little to do with him as possible. They slip away for a little alone time together.

John/George - John likes to go to strip clubs, but brings George along so he doesn't have to go alone. You can't touch the girls, but you can touch your mate. Claimed by eppic

John/George AU - They really do buy that Greek island after all. (I'd like Paul and Ringo there as well, but preferably not Paul/Ringo.)


George Harrison/Paul McCartney - Paul doesn't understand why George has changed so much.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - The tricky business of letting your mate know you're interested in him without scaring him off.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - George thought Brian would understand, but Brian is very unhappy to find out about his relationship with Paul.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - George is tired of being bossed around.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - During the Get Back sessions, Paul tries to give George a reason to stick around... that goes horribly awry. Claimed by sunsetsoverlove.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - Away from home, it's easier to sleep with people you might not otherwise sleep with.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - Most of the time, they don't even like each other anymore. Just, when they do, they really do.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - It's not breaking up if you were never really together, so why does it hurt like breaking up?

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - John catches them in the act, and the consequences are even worse than they expected.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - Paul is more upset about George's marriage than he is willing to show, so he gets the point across in other ways. Claimed by quazonic

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - Their arguments can last years, because Paul doesn't know what the problem is, and George won't tell him.

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - They both prefer girls, so why do they keep coming back to each other?

George Harrison/Paul McCartney - Maybe they're just too different to understand each other.

Paul/George - "I've known you longer, loved you longer. Why the fuck does he get to swoop in and take you away before I've even gotten a chance to tell you how I feel about you?"

Paul/ George: "I give up. You win."

George / Paul. "Paul has always loved George ever since they were kids" Claimed by babel

Paul McCartney/George Harrison: Walking on thin ice.

Paul/George- "You're like the kid brother I wish I never met." "Ah, but see, Paulie, you look like you're about eleven, so where does that leave us?"

Paul/George - when the unmarried Beatles say "we're queer together" they really mean it.

Paul/George - George tries to teach Paul how to relax and mediate.

Paul/George - One of the biggest reasons the Get Back / Let It Be sessions are so tense for Paul and George is that they've just had a very nasty break up.

Paul/George - Before they were famous they used to travel the country, sleeping on beaches and keeping each other warm.

Paul/George: A gatebirds' POV


John Lennon/Ringo Starr - John just wants a little comfort, but Ringo is starting to become more difficult to handle and he doesn't know why.

Ringo/John - "Oh no! I'm not being the bird! Just cause I'm little doesn't mean I have to be the bird!"

John/Ringo. Must contain Conversation Hearts.

John Lennon/Ringo Starr - Sometimes a train set is just a train set.

John/Ringo - A silk tie

John/Ringo - Getting sick

John/Ringo - While the unmarried lads get to go out, John and Ringo have to stay in--but they don't really mind.


George Harrison/Ringo Starr - Less sweet and cuddly than you'd think.

George Harrison/Ringo Starr - There is a problem that neither of them are willing to confront. Claimed by sanguine_cafune

Ringo/George - Right after the George tells Ringo about his affair with Maureen.

Ringo/George - "Can't we be friends, there's no other/Won't be satisfied until we're lovers." (Lyrics from 'Stuck on You' by Jim Byrnes)

George/ Ringo- must include a stuffed animal

George/Ringo - "That was unexpected"

George/Ringo - Lingerie

George/Ringo - Cowboy hats and tight jeans

George/Ringo- Yoko's wonderful, sagging, torpedo-shaped tits

George/Ringo - Black girls

George/Ringo - They make a little music of their own.

George/Ringo - Sharing a flat with one of your best mates has its advantages.


Paul McCartney/Ringo Starr - After a bit too much to drink, Ringo kisses Paul for a giggle, but it goes a little further than he'd meant it to.

Ringo/Paul - "Remember when I first joined the band, and you were the only one who would sleep with me?"

Paul/Ringo. Leaving the light on.

Paul/Ringo - In Hamburg

Paul/Ringo - Growing up; maturing

Paul/Ringo - Hotel rooms are two to a bed and Paul's got to sleep with the "new guy." Claimed by starlettmalfoy.

Paul/Ringo - When the band is falling apart, Ringo seems like the only one he can turn to.

Paul/Ringo (Jane/Maureen?) - September 1963, Paul, Ringo, Jane and Maureen take a holiday to Greece.

Paul/Ringo - Paul lost Linda, Ringo lost Maureen; Olivia lost George, Yoko lost John. Why is it that the ones who lived lost their wives, and vice versa? "What if we had made different choices when we were younger?" "What if we were an 'Us' now instead of a 'You and Me'?"

Stu Sutcliffe Pairings:

John Lennon/Stuart Sutcliffe - It was too good to last very long. Claimed by fitz_carraldo.

John/Stu - Stu wants to paint John Claimed by maccas4evrlver

John/Stu - There's nothing queer about something this natural

George Harrison/Stuart Sutcliffe - After a show.

George/Stu - Stu gets the youngest member of the group, and imparts some helpful knowledge.

(Check Threesomes / Moresomes for more Stu pairings.)

Pete Best Pairings:

Paul McCartney/Pete Best - It doesn't count in Hamburg.

Paul/Pete Best - It doesn't matter if the birds run out, they've still got each other.

Paul/Pete Best - Everyone thinks Pete was using Paul and that's why he was kicked--but it was really the other way around.

Brian Epstein/Pete Best - It hurts to have to sack Pete more than the rest know.

Brian Pairings:

Brian/John. "It was never consummated."

Brian/John. Love means never having to say you're sorry.

John Lennon/Brian Epstein - John's never anything near lovey-dovey, but Brian probably wouldn't be interested if he were.

John/Brian. Trip to Spain.

Brian/John: They weren't lovers until after John punched Bob Wooler.

Brian/John. Brian doesn't want what John thinks he wants.

Paul McCartney/Brian Epstein - Just this once.

Brian/Paul - "I have done the best I can for you, and I cannot abide the constant undermiming of my decisions."

Paul/Brian - Leaving on a jet plane. (Right before the group leaves for Bangor.)

Brian/George - "Well, you do live in the same building as me. Convenience is a factor."

Brian/George. "I don't know how you were inverted."

Brian/Ringo- Comparing sizes

Brian/Peter Brown. "You can't say no in Acapulco." Claimed by demeterqueen

Brian/Peter Brown. Silk shirts and cognac. Claimed by demeterqueen.

Brian/Peter Brown. "You never give me your money."

Brian/Peter Brown - "Why must you insist on wearing my clothes?" Claimed by blut_kruez

Brian/Peter Brown, John Pritchard/Peter Brown. "John Pritchard invited Epstein without Peter to the opera and was able to break down a barrier which had existed between them because of Peter Brown and convince him that his friendship was genuine."

Brian/John, Brian/George, Brian/Pete Best. It's only when the boys start comparing notes that they realize he's tried to seduce all of them... except Paul.

Brian/Peter Asher - Poshness and stereotypes

Brian/Anyone - "Baby you're a rich man!"

(There is also a Brian/Pete Best pairing in the Pete Best Pairings section, and Brian/Bob Dylan in the Bob Dylan Pairings section..)

Bob Dylan Pairings:

John/Bob Dylan - "You're nothing like I thought you would be."

John/Bob Dylan - These two amazing wordsmiths have little need for conversation when they're alone.

John/Bob Dylan - The (in)famous limo ride. (Part one, part two, part three.) Claimed by tably

George Harrison/Bob Dylan - Cigarettes and liquor.

George/Bob Dylan - "It's such a naff thing to say at a time like this, but I think your records are brilliant."

George/Bob Dylan - Among other things Bob (incorrectly?) assumes about the Beatles is bisexuality.

George/Bob Dylan - the writing of 'I'd Have You Anytime' and/or 'Behind That Locked Door' from George's album All Things Must Pass (If you can get something to do with George's interpretation of Bob's 'If Not For You' in there too I'd probably love the writer forever.) Claimed by nectarrison.

Ringo/Bob Dylan – Bossiness

Brian/Bob Dylan - "So you're the manager. Word on the street says you're a queer."

Open Pairings / Any Pairing:

John Lennon/Anyone - He used to beat up anyone who questioned his sexuality, so who is he supposed to beat up when he starts questioning it himself? Claimed by srchxandxdstry.

Paul/Anyone - Mustaches

George/Anyone - Transvestite prostitute and the shenanigans/sexuality insecurities that ensue.

George/Anyone - And I jizzed, in, my pants...

Ringo/Anyone - Cowboy hats and shenanigans

Ringo/Anyone - "You know who else was short? Jesus. Hitler. Winston Churchill."

Ringo/Anyone - "Everybody I knew wanted to be a fireman or a police officer or something when I was growing up. I just wanted to be a cowboy in Liverpool, why's that so hard to believe?"

Any Pairing - Their relationship was supposed to be a fun secret in the midst of their crazy lives, but the damned thing went and got complicated.

Any Pairing - All of the queer jokes are starting to get to him--yet he keeps making them and so does his boyfriend.

Any Pairing - The danger of getting caught is part of the appeal. Claimed by tea_and_opium

Any Pairing - Are their relationships with the opposite sex really all that different from their relationships with the same sex?

Any Pairing - They only say they're sneaking off for a joint so they can be alone together. Okay, and maybe a joint too.

Any Pairing - They both have a thousand excuses for why what they're doing is not queer.

Any Pairing - The up sides and down sides of love without sex. Claimed by nemperor

Any Pairing - Discovering the concept of bisexuality. Claimed by hirelk & of_gardenias

Any Pairing - The first trip to America.

Any Pairing - India.

Any Pairing - Tea and Cakes

Any Pairing - Girls, Girls, Girls!

Any Pairing - Disparate Elements

Any Pairing - Finery/pageantry/lingerie (pick one, two or all three) Claimed by alicia_h

Miscellaneous slash:

John/Peter Brown. No one else understood how it felt to lose Brian.

George Harrison/Billy Preston - George is thankful after Billy soothes some of the tensions during the Get Back Sessions.

George Harrison/Eric Idle - The common thread of humor.

Ringo/Keith Moon - "Well its been building up inside of me/ For oh I don't know how long" (Lyrics from 'Don't Worry Baby' by The Beach Boys)

Keith Moon/Ringo- Insecurities

Keith Moon/John Lennon- "I'm banned in several hotels." "I'm banned in a damned country, top that."

John/Jimmy Page. Whips. (:D)

Paul/Jimi Hendrix. "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours."

Sean Lennon/James McCartney: "It must be hereditary."

John Lennon/Elton John: Don't let the sun go down on me.

John/ Mick Jagger- "I Wanna Be Your Man"

John/ Mick Jagger- the line "never seen anyone so fucking weird in my entire life," could be a description of any character.

John/ Mick Jagger- must include weird flashbacks in some way

John/ Mick Jagger- drugs! "Don't worry, giant talking frog." Claimed by cheetah333

Paul/ Elvis Presley- John's POV

Paul/Elvis Presley: "One night of sin is what I'm now paying for."

Paul/Tara Browne: Everybody knew that Tara was his boyfriend.

George/Eric Clapton: Not even Pattie could come between them.

Dhani Harrison / James McCartney. "They Are Cute Together"

Dhani Harrison / Julian Lennon. "Dhani Needs Help Getting Over George's Death"

George Harrison/Jeff Lynne - Out of this world.

George Harrison/Jeff Lynne - Never say goodbye.

Freddie Mercury/John Lennon- "I'm as gay as a daffodil, my dear." "Are daffodils gay?"

John/Klaus Voormann - Stu left John for Astrid. Astrid left Klaus for Stu. They commiserate.

John/Klaus Voormann - As a member of the Plastic Ono Band, John and Klaus get a lot closer than expected. (Did Yoko orchestrate the whole thing?)

John/Al Stewart - Yoko and Al were friends for 6-9 months before she met John and moved on, and Al even fronted her some money for a film. Now she introduces him to her new boyfriend. (Can be John/Yoko/Al if you'd like.) Claimed by van

John/Al Stewart - 1962/63ish, Al was 17, he had a chance meeting with John Lennon, as told by Al himself here. Expand on what they really got up to after the show, or perhaps on a planned remeeting sometime later.

George/Al Stewart - George wants to escape fame for just a short while and Al's just convenient enough to be the one to let him.

Paul/Michael Jackson - Michael's really much different in private.

Ringo/David Bowie - Based off this picture and this picture.

John/Donovan - In India Donovan teaches John the finger picking technique that he uses on 'Dear Prudence' and other White Album songs. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpPq-tMswJ4)

John Lennon / Mike Nesmith (of the Monkees). Two leaders.

Paul McCartney / Mickey Dolenz (of the Monkees). Just because.

John/Lionel Bart. Based on this picture and this picture from the book launch at Foyle's.

Wives and girlfriends:

Cynthia Lennon/Pattie Boyd - When they are left alone by their husbands, they decide to have a girl's night in. They just didn't expect it'd go quite this far.

Yoko Ono/Linda McCartney: Based on this picture.

Yoko/Cynthia- Laying around

Pattie/Maureen - Accidents and indecency

Olivia/Yoko - Olivia is really the only other person in the world who understands just what it's like to lose someone like him. (Cynthia would, but that's just too awkward for Yoko.)

Miscellaneous femmeslash:

Jane/Mia Farrow - While all the boys are off meditating, Jane makes some new discoveries of her own.

Patti/Twiggy - After their big modeling shoot together, they decide to become very good friends.

Marianne Faithfull/Jane Asher. Mars Bar. Claimed by omgchucknorris

Cynthia/Marianne Faithfull - "Are you goin to scarborough fair? parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme /Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true lover of mine" (lyrics: Scarborough Fair, North Country Maid, 1966)

Cynthia/Jane - Cynthia can sing, Jane can play the guitar. Taking the phrase literally or figuratively, what happens when the decide to "make music" together?

Cynthia/Marianne Faithfull - Something based on Marianne's interpretation of Donovan's ‘Young Girl Blues.

Cynthia/Joan Baez - "You've loved me exquisitely." / "I tried to." / "Can we be best of friends now?" / "I never lied to you." / "And can I love you forever?" / "Sure," she said and smiled / "But will you?" (lyrics: Stephanie's Room, Joan Baez, Gulf Winds, 1976)

Cynthia/Joan Baez - "Hold me tight, hold me tight, / danger waters coming baby / hold me tight / hold me tight, hold me tight, / danger water coming, baby, / hold me" (lyrics: Danger Waters, Joan Baez In Concert, 1962)

Cynthia/Joan Baez - "Black/yellow is the colour of my true love's hair"

Cynthia/Joan Baez - "And the hands of little Julian/Will guide you well" (Lyrics: 'Luba, the Baroness', Joan Baez, Blowin' Away, 1977)

Cynthia/Joan Baez - "Hovering near treacherous waters/A friend saw her drifting and caught her/Unguarded fantasies flying too far/Memories tumbling like sweets from a jar" (Lyrics: 'Winds of the Old Days', Joan Baez, Diamonds & Rust, 1975)

Cynthia Lennon/May Pang: The question is "Why?" the answer is "No".

Threesomes / Moresomes:


George Harrison/Paul McCartney/John Lennon - They both like George, and their competition doesn't end when they enter the bedroom--both to George's benefit and detriment.

John/Paul/George: Everyone knows Paul likes to be the center of attention, but does he really want to be?

Ringo/George/Paul - George wants Ringo, Ringo wants Paul, but settles every now and then for George. Paul ignores both.

John/Ringo/Paul- Barbershop quartets

John/George/Ringo- Immaturity

John/Paul and George/Ringo- Sex ed.

John/Paul/George/Ringo - they're a lot closer than anyone thinks, and a bit of drugs make them even closer.

John/George/Ringo- "Left handedness and blue eyes are a sign of the devil, you know."


George Harrison/Paul McCartney/Jane Asher - They all like each other well enough, so what could go wrong?

George/Jane/Paul: It wasn't fair. He had loved them both first, and now they only seemed to want each other.

Paul/Jane/George - She's a lot more open minded than you'd expect, but is Paul?

George Harrison/Paul McCartney/Pattie Boyd - Pattie thought it would be a bit of fun, but she wasn't expecting to have to vie for her own husband's attention.

Paul/Patti/George - Patti's an adventurous girl and George is keen on introducing Paul to their lovelife. DP preferred though not required. Claimed by voodoochild9

George Harrison/Paul McCartney/Francie Schwartz - George got into this before he realized how much the way Paul treats Francie would bother him... and how much it mirrors his own relationship with Paul.

George Harrison/Pattie Boyd/Jane Asher - It wasn't something they planned.

George/Patti/Jane - Preferably in India, but anywhere is fine. The girls seduce him.

John Lennon/Yoko Ono/May Pang - They couldn't do things the typical way.

Paul/Jane/John - "You are so vanilla."

John/Paul/Yoko - Sharing John gets hard.

Pattie Boyd/Eric Clapton/Peter Brown. "Oh, what a lovely arse."

George Harrison/Stuart Sutcliffe/Astrid Kirchherr - George had expected he'd just be the third wheel when he spent time with them, but they had different plans.

Paul McCartney/Astrid Kirchherr/John Lennon: She noticed the glances, the smiles, and the occasional touch.

Brian/Paul/John. Paul tells himself that John went away to Spain just for the free holiday and the chance to influence their manager. Deep down he knows it's more than that... and he's jealous.

Paul/Brian/John: "Leave your flowers at my door, I leave them for the one who waits behind." Paul mourns Brian's passing; John learns the truth.

Brian/John/Paul- Legacies

Brian/John/Paul/George/Ringo - "How do queer men even do it...?"

Brian/John/Paul/George/Ringo - Jewish mothers

John/Paul/Cynthia- Bridgitte Bardot would always be John's favorite, but he wasn't ashamed to say Catwoman was a close second.

John/Bob Dylan/Ringo – Porn

John/Stu/Astrid - Stu wants to share everything with John.

John/Cynthia/Astrid(/Female Original Character?) - From wikipedia, "In August 1963, Kirchherr met Lennon and Cynthia Lennon in Paris while they both there for a belated honeymoon, as Kirchherr was there with a girlfriend for a few days holiday. The four of them went from wine bar to wine bar, and finally ended up back at Kirchherr's lodgings, where all four fell asleep on Kirchherr's single bed." Either write out the friend or involve her, have fun with it!

John/Yoko/George - Maybe it's too weird for George, but they offered and he had to try.

Astrid/Maureen/Patti (or any variation thereof) - Inspired by this picture taken during AHDN premiere.

John/Patti/George - John's done a lot of crazy things, but fucking his best mate while said mate fucks his wife (or girlfriend, if you rather) takes the cake.

John/Cynthia/George - John and Cyn know the marriage is a bit rocky, so they try to spice it up a little with an eager and willing George. Does it work or just cause more problems? (Can jealous John handle seeing Cyn with another man? How do they work around that? Would love George fucking John while John fucks Cyn, or combinations along those lines.)

Stu/Astrid Kirchherr/Klaus Voormann - Loving three people doesn't always mean three people can make love.

Paul/Ringo/George(/Astrid Kirchherr/Klaus Voormann?) - In 1963 Paul, Ringo and George went on holiday in Tenerife where Klaus' parents had a house. (Any slash-combination of the five is acceptable, though I'd especially like George/Astrid/Paul--or George/Astrid and Paul joins, etc.). Both Ringo and George are also said to have had sunstroke the first two days. (This is also around the same time Brian and John went to Spain together and had their "affair." If John and Brian are having some fun, maybe the other three wonder about that.)

George/Maureen/Ringo - This sort of thing is why George wanted to wife swap in the first place. Better to fancy your mate's wife than your mate, right? Right?

Patti/George/Jenny Boyd - They blame the drugs in the morning, but that night it was real--and amazing for all three. (George getting off to Patti/Jenny would be dirtybadwronggood, but however you want to handle it.)

Bob Dylan/John Lennon/Cynthia Lennon(/Joan Baez) - "Yes, you, you just sit around and ask for ashtrays, can't you reach? / I see you kiss her on the cheek ev'rytime she gives a speech / With her picture books of the pyramid / And her postcards of Billy the Kid" You only have to include Joan in this one if you're confident writing her (lyrics: She's Your Lover Now, Bob Dylan, Bootleg Series 1-3)

Cynthia/Joan Baez/Jane - In a letter home to her sister (Mimi Baez Fariña) written while she was on Dylan's tour of England in April 1965, Joan talks about making friends with "John's wife" and "Paul's girl". Write the second part of this letter, going into as much detail as you wish to! (If anyone claims this prompt, I'll give them the text of the original letter)

John/Paul/David Bailey. A very special photo session.
dilly r: m - george and paulbabel on March 23rd, 2009 11:20 pm (UTC)
George/Paul. "Paul has always loved George ever since they were kids"
Harmonizing Dichotomy [[ Alura ]]: Hitchhiker's // Too hipsanguine_cafune on March 23rd, 2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
Claim :D
George Harrison/Ringo Starr - There is a problem that neither of them are willing to confront.
I brought science!: Beatles // Rollin' down the roadtea_and_opium on March 23rd, 2009 11:58 pm (UTC)
Any Pairing - The danger of getting caught is part of the appeal.
quazonic: Paul - water squirtquazonic on March 24th, 2009 12:57 am (UTC)
George Harrison/Paul McCartney - Paul is more upset about George's marriage than he is willing to show, so he gets the point across in other ways.
merthurislovesimplebeatles on March 24th, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)
John/George - John doesn't want to admit it (he's not queer after all!), but sometimes the things George does with his mouth or hands drives him utterly mad. One day, he can help himself and he finds out George has been doing it on purpose all along.
Johnny Angel: Bad Johnnyblut_kruez on March 24th, 2009 03:18 am (UTC)
Brian/Peter Brown - "Why must you insist on wearing my clothes?"
Nemperornemperor on March 24th, 2009 03:26 am (UTC)

Any Pairing - The up sides and down sides of love without sex.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Van: Jane Ashervan on March 24th, 2009 07:04 am (UTC)
Um, this post is for claiming the prompts that have already been suggested over the last two weeks. Unfortunately, I'm not taking any more new prompts at this time. So, you'll have to pick one of the prompts already posted.
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Lissy: Richard & Mimi Fariñaalicia_h on March 24th, 2009 01:48 pm (UTC)
Any Pairing - Finery/pageantry/lingerie
Gingerrainydaymare on March 24th, 2009 02:21 pm (UTC)
John/George. "I'm going to break you in like a pair of jeans."

maccas4evrlver: I'm A Dreamermaccas4evrlver on March 24th, 2009 07:16 pm (UTC)
omg, that prompt is amazing!!! I really look forward to seeing this one.
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Gingerrainydaymare on March 24th, 2009 03:09 pm (UTC)
And I just have to congratulate whoever gave the George prompt with "jizz in my pants" because that... is... hilarious.
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Vanvan on March 24th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
John/Klaus Voormann - Stu left John for Astrid. Astrid left Klaus for Stu. They commiserate.
Vanvan on July 8th, 2009 09:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Claim
Dropping this to claim:

John/Al Stewart - Yoko and Al were friends for 6-9 months before she met John and moved on, and Al even fronted her some money for a film. Now she introduces him to her new boyfriend. (Can be John/Yoko/Al if you'd like.)
cheetah333cheetah333 on March 24th, 2009 09:42 pm (UTC)
John/ Mick Jagger- drugs! "Don't worry, giant talking frog."

I need to know, is there a minimum length/maximum length?
Vanvan on March 24th, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Claim
Minimun length is 500 words. There is no maximum.
omgchucknorris on March 25th, 2009 12:23 am (UTC)
My Beatle Has A First Name--It's "C-L-A-I-M"
Paul/John - "Can't find the strength to put you in my past/ Still stuck on you." (Lyrics from 'Stuck on You' by Jim Byrnes)
omgchucknorris on June 18th, 2009 01:05 am (UTC)
Re: My Beatle Has A First Name--It's "C-L-A-I-M"
I believe babel talked to you about this already, but could I change my claim to:

Marianne Faithfull/Jane Asher. Mars Bar.

I'm going to be ambitious and try this one! Besides... -whisper- I hate J/P, I don't know why I chose it. So silly of me.
Re: My Beatle Has A First Name--It's "C-L-A-I-M" - van on June 18th, 2009 01:38 am (UTC) (Expand)