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All You Need Is Love

Beatles Slash
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beatlesslash is a community for writers and fans of Beatles slash (fanfiction featuring male/male romantic pairings, though we also welcome female/female pairings). Feel free to post your fic or recommend someone else's, discuss your favorite pairings or stories, share Beatle slash art, or offer or solicit beta-reading services, etc.

Note: Membership to this community is moderated. Requesting to join this comm implies you have read and understand the rules listed below.

Journals that are very new (less than one month), have few or no friends/comments/entries, are entirely in other languages or appear to be trolls may not be approved. Journals less than one month old will always be rejected; please apply again after your journal is one month old or older. Do not immediately request to join again if you are not approved. Feel free to contact van if you have a question as to why you were declined.

If you are switching journals: please PM van from both your old LJ name and your new LJ name stating you are the same person and wish to reapply. The old journal will be removed from the community and the new one will be approved. This is the only exemption to the one-month wait.

If you apply and are denied multiple times, your application will be put in the back of the queue every time, even after your journal is eligible.

I know this is annoying, but this comm has experienced a lot of trolls and drama recently and these measures must be taken to protect the rest of the members. Non-members can still join the community and read entries during their one-month wait, they will just be unable to see locked entries, make posts or comment.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Community Rules:
(Updated 2 August 2011, please review)

01.) All ratings of fanfic/art/discussion are allowed, from G to NC-17. However, please keep anything over PG-13 (as well as any large images or stories over 250-words) behind an LJ-cut. We accept G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 for ratings as well as All Ages, Teen, Adult, etc., so long as it is labeled.

IMPORTANT: All Adult / R-rated / NC-17 rated posts (whether they are pictures, fic, stories, etc.) must be flagged as "Explicit Adult Concepts" when you post them. If you are posting from the LiveJournal website itself, you can flag it as "Explicit Adult Concepts" in the lower right hand corner of your post, under "Adult Content: Journal Default." Switch it to "Explicit Adult Content." The journal default is "Adult content" so you do not need to change it over if it's Teen / PG-13 or under; it will be flagged "Adult Content" automatically. If you are not posting from the LiveJournal website, check for a feature in your posting client that is similar to this; there should be one. If not, you can post it to the community so long as you immediately go in and edit the post to add the "Explicit Adult Content" flag to the post. This is extremely important so please do not forget to do it!

02.) Please put embedded videos, such as those from YouTube, behind LJ-cuts. Picspam and more than three icons must also be LJ-cut. Posts that do not LJ-cut will be warned and then deleted within 24-hours if not fixed. (Extreme picspams or HTML coding errors may result in a faster deletion.)

03.) Do not increase/decrease your font size or change your font color or face when posting to this community. Posts that do so, even if only in part, will be deleted after a warning. The only exception to this rule is if one wants the pairing of a fic to be a surprise. Then, only where the the pairing is listed in the header, HTML-enforced white text on HTML-enforced white background "spoiler text" may be used, so the pairing is only visible when highlighted by the cursor.

04.) Off-topic posts will be deleted after a warning. Please do not promote your non-BeatlesSlash related community here, unless you have obtained moderator approval first.

05.) When posting fanfic remember to LJ-cut it and post the following this header outside the LJ-cut:
(Posts that don't follow this format and/or LJ-cut will be given a warning and 24 hours to correct before deletion.)

Title: (required)
Author(s): (required)
Pairing: (required) (ALL non-canon pairings must be listed, even if they are minor)
Rating: (required)
Warnings: (required if neccessary)
Timeframe: (optional)
Word count: (optional)
Summary: (optional)
Author Notes: (optional) (Do not put author notes anywhere in the body of the story.)
Disclaimer: (required) (Treat this seriously and note your story is a work of fiction and intends no libel, etc. You will be asked to revise frivilous disclaimers.)

06.) When posting fanart remember to LJ-cut it and post the following this header outside the LJ-cut:
(Posts that don't follow this format and/or LJ-cut will be given a warning and 24 hours to correct before deletion.)

Title: (optional)
Pairing(s): (required)
Rating: (required)
Warnings: (required if neccessary)
Disclaimer: (required) (Treat this seriously. You will be asked to revise frivilous disclaimers.)

If you are posting multiple pictures in one entry, each one does not need a seperate header (unless you want to). You can combine all of the pairings/warnings/etc. into one pre-LJ cut header.

This is a slash community, therefore all artwork must be slash-based. Posts that do not contain obviously slashy artwork will be removed. craftybeatles is a community for general Beatles artwork; please post it there. If you make a post containing slash artwork, you may also include non-slashy Beatle artwork, but please make sure the slashy content is more than the non-slashy content. (i.e. If you post four slashy pictures in one post, you could post two non-slashy pictures as well, but not the reverse.)

07.) Please tag your entry. To do this after posting, view your post and click this icon: . It will bring up a list of tags. Fanfiction and fanart must tag the pairing(s) in the fic. Tags for other sorts of posts should be self-explanatory. Hold down "ctrl" to select more than one tag. Please be aware that tags are preset, so, for instance, "John/Paul" is a tag but "Paul/John" is not a tag. For a list of all the tags please click here. You can imput these tags prior to posting if you are posting through the LiveJournal website. Don't hesitate to ask the moderator if you have a question or there's a tag you need that isn't listed.

beatlesslash is affliated with the YahooGroup BeatlesSlash. Please visit it! :)

Other Beatlesfic LJ communities:
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fab4_recrequest -- Looking for Beatles recs or requests? Go here!
beatlesbetas -- need a beta or proofreader? This is the comm for you~
(Please let me know if you have a community that should be listed here.)

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(Please let me know if you have a band slash community you'd to exchange links with here)

Links to BeatlesSlash pages:
Oh! Darling -- A Beatles Slash Resource
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Please email me if you have a link you think should be added to this list. :)

LJ header made by demeterqueen. :D

(The beatlesslash community was founded by girltype, moderated by georgeh from 2003 to 2006, and is now moderated by van. Feel free to ask Van any questions you might have!)